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VNC viewer

Postby bioxy » Tue Apr 21, 2009 11:53 am

Hi! I'm an spanish computer engieneering student, so first of all, sorry about my English :oops: :D.
I'm doing my final project, it's about android vnc viewer. Actually I'm improving an existing client.
The website of the original project:

I've implemented serveral changes like showing a log, making zoom, or a new input method. Everything I've done it's on my blog, it's in spanish but I could translate something if you need.

If anyone wants try the application I would be very grateful because I have not a google phone yet. It's work on the emulator but I can't know it's behaviour on a real phone. You can download the application from :

If you have any problem, incompatibilty or error please let me know in order to solve it as quickly as possible. Also if anyone have some idea for improving the viewer, please tell me.

By the way I understand better than I explain myself :).

Thank you very much.
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