Video Caller Id

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Video Caller Id

Postby avesha99 » Thu Dec 09, 2010 6:58 pm

Video Caller Id
Show video on incoming call. As well as blocking unwanted calls.

How about scaling that with a personalized video of the caller with any video of your choosing?
Video Caller ID is just that! It’s a caller ID app that allows you to replace static photos or the Droid dude with video either already on your phone or allows you to shoot the video. Either use one video for all calls or personalize each caller with a video.

Image Image

How to use
1. Find the contact in the list to which you want to assign videos on incoming calls
2. Click "Preview image" to show available actions:
• select video from media storage;
• create video from camera;
• look as the window of an incoming call for contact video will look;
• block (unblock) incoming call from this contact;

• Standard actions for a contact (call, send sms, etc.) are available by clicking on the row.
• Block all incoming numbers not in your contacts list set's in the Preferences.
• Item "Delete video contact" only removes the reference in the program, contact from the phone book and a video file is not deleted.

Android Market link

Price: Free or Donate ($1.99)
Additional features, available in the paid version:
- Full-screen video (change portrait/landscape orientation);
- Personal settings (on/off sounds and set’s the start position of video).

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