Transdroid: Transmission bittorrent client (BETA testers)

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A Transmission client will be great!

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Transdroid: Transmission bittorrent client (BETA testers)

Postby elmotheelk » Thu Apr 23, 2009 9:54 pm

I love Transmission and I love my T-Mobile G1 (Google Android-powered phone), so what could be better than a Transmission client on an Android phone?

Transmission is a free, easy, open-source and cross-platform (better: linux and mac) bittorrent program. It is the default torrent client for Ubuntu. AA very nice feature is to run Transmission as a server daemon - allowing remote access via a web interface, but also via command-line tools or any other app that uses it's API.

Meet Transdroid. (Yeah, the name isn't very original.) It is a native Android app that I am developing, open-source of course. It aims to allow full control over your Transmission daemon, while maintaining the clarity and ease-of-use that I like about Transmission. Basically, it's mimicing the regular GUI. However, I have added torrent search as well, powered by isoHunt, as an extra. Technically everything works via remote procedure calls (RPC). That is, JSON-encoded web requests and responses to the Transmission API.

Currently I have the basic features working. And for anyone that is interested: it is available for download at the Transdroid website: It would be very nice to have some testers, so if you have a Transmission server running and have an Android device (T-Mobile G1 or the ADP), please give it a try and report your experiences here. Thanks a lot in advance. I will try to fix bugs now first before adding new (major) features. Not tested yet with Transmission versions lower than 1.51 (and since the RPC protocol was different, it will likely not work)!

To conclude, some screenshots of the app:

Image Image
Transdroid: A Transmission bittorrent client on Android. Now in beta.
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