Trackmaster - Motorsports Lap Timer

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Trackmaster - Motorsports Lap Timer

Postby stifry » Sun Apr 26, 2009 11:44 pm

Trackmaster is a powerful lap timer that runs on your Google Android Phone.
Trackmaster provides the following features:

* Record the following track data: position, speed, acceleration, altitude, bearing, absolute time, split times, elapsed times, and lap times.
* Record your track data using multiple trigger modes: immediate, by movement, delayed, or by first split marker.
* View your lap times and split times with graphical analysis on your phone.
* Replay your track data instantly on your phone.
* Share your track data via email, web posting, or Twitter.
* Send your data to Google Earth for desktop replay, analysis, and editing.
* Send your data as a spreadsheet for analysis in MS Excel, Open Office, or Google Docs.
* Enable speech to have your speed and times spoken to you while you're racing.
* Provide real-time lap times and speed to your fans via Twitter.
* Works great for autocross, hillclimbs, road rally, and track days!

Try the Trackmaster Demo Version for free! Search under the keyword Trackmaster on the Google Android Market.


Trackmaster - Motorsports Lap Timer
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