Top Motor [FREE] New APP for your vehicle

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Top Motor [FREE] New APP for your vehicle

Postby vortex studio » Thu Oct 31, 2013 1:23 pm

Hi all, we want to present TOP MOTOR, the new application to manage your vehicles.

How much spent fuel led this month?, When it's the next check of my car?, When I changed the tires?, When is insurance ended?... If you always are doing these questions to yourself, install Top Motor and you will have always in your hand all the information of your vehicles.

TOP MOTOR includes :
• Management completes of monthly fuel consumption indicating the miles between refueling, the price difference, which has been the best month refueling, etc.
• Control revisions, repairs, technical inspections, parts have changed (includes over 30 predefined parts: tyres, motor, filters, ...), validity and expiration date, etc.. So that you always know the status of your car ... your car will thank you.
• Insurance and tax management: never forget when my insurance ends, how much you paid last year, helpline, ...
• Possibility of realizing other annotations and expenses (as parking, fines, or simply to annotate anything related to the vehicle).
• Monthly and annual statistics on Holo style cards (fill ups, fuel economy, mileage, vehicle expenses, maintenances, receipts,...)
• Totally customizable. In the side menu configuration you will be able to add any currency , unit of measure, fuel brands, ...

All this in an organized and clear way... and totally FREE!

Regards and hope you find it useful

Google Play Store ... o.topmotor


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