The ultimate math application for Android

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The ultimate math application for Android

Postby thinktanks » Mon Apr 25, 2011 1:19 am

Dear All,

MathScript, the most powerful math application for Android is now updated to Version 2.2.

MathScript is the first application to bring comprehensive Mathematics to Android and to our knowledge, it is the only such application available. This tool is much more than a scientific calculator or a function plotter/grapher both of which are available plenty in market.

You can use MathScript as a calculator, function plotter, polynomial manipulation tool, equation solver (algebraic, differential, linear etc.), calculus tool (integration, differentiation, of arbitrary functions), matrix solver (linear algebra), units converter, finance tool (PMT,PV,FV. etc.), programming shell (complete python package), etc... It also contains interesting math puzzles that make you learn math in fun way. Train your brain to use mathematics whenever possible,

There is a free version available in market. You can checkout the applications in the link below:

Please feel free to leave your feedbacks here.

Have fun with Math!!!
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