The Prankster!

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The Prankster!

Postby » Thu May 13, 2010 12:25 pm

A 21st Century Whoppee Cushion to play pranks on your friends and family!! ”Arm” the application to start a countdown then place your phone somewhere where your “victim” will have to move it. Then, simply wait for them to move your phone and the hilarious payload will release!!

Available now is the marketplace.....

Coming soon…… “Prankster Pro”!!!!

Featuring lots of different pranks including:
- Electric Shock!
- Haunted phone!
- Thief Alert!
- Alarm!
…and many more
Pro version also features a delayed payload which can go off at a random or preset time once the device is moved for extra shock value and custom sensitivity settings!
This non-ad supported version will also feature new and innovative “trigger” mechanisms using the light sensor and even SMS!

Coming summer 2010…..
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