The Great Land Grab and Bulletin Blocks

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The Great Land Grab and Bulletin Blocks

Postby gostyloj » Wed Sep 23, 2009 3:26 pm

Hey all,
I have released 2 free apps and I wanted to discuss them here:

The Great Land Grab is a location aware game. I have heard people say that it is kind of like monopoly because there are squares of land which you purchase all over the United States. Your phone has to believe that you are physically present in that square of land for you to purchase it. You get rent over time and anyone else in the game can get the land away from you if they go to that piece of land and buy it. I try to update frequently to fix issues and add useful features.

Bulletin Blocks is a social networking application. It is running from the same code base as The Great Land Grab so it looks very similar. You are able to post news anonymously to the square of land you are located in. The news lasts for 2 hours. Other users can vote on your news which changes the ranking of the news in that site and in some cases alters your karma for future postings. Currently the application is a little useless because there needs to be a critical mass of users to make the app worth while. I think the idea is good but it does not work without the user base.
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