The GREAT APP takes HARD work!

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The GREAT APP takes HARD work!

Postby appbody » Mon Aug 20, 2012 12:38 pm

I would like to take this time to introduce two apps that we have been developed recently.
First at all is called Notes on Life and it is an attractive easy-life style application that helps you to collect your happiness, joyful moment and un-forgettable things in you device. With Notes on Life, you can easily create photo Note for Journal, Sketch Note for free draw, List note for shopping and rich media Note for dairy.
The most amazing creatures of Notes on Life is handwriting, it is smooth and easily. BTW, there are plenty of templates and widgets to choose from.
If you found you like Notes on Life, you should also try another app from us: Handy Note, it has been hot sells in Google Play, Amazon App store, and Samsung App store. In contrast with Notes on Life, Handy Note is more emphasis on job related works, such as planning and organizing. Either of them are fine to play with and very creative.
To create these two apps consumed a lot of our energy and times, because the GREAT App Takes HARD work!
Hope you try these two and if you like the app, don’t hesitate to support us and leave a review on the App Store.
Thank you for your time
Best regards, :oops:
Find Notes on Life on Google Play: ... dvb2dsZSJd
Find Handy Note on Google Play ... 29nbGUiXQ..
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