The application of Map for GPhone

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The application of Map for GPhone

Postby toanchinh » Sat Feb 06, 2010 5:13 pm

The application of Map is version 1. So, this application can't be handy or user interface isn't beautiful. I hope to get more detailed contributions from everyone.

My application has a lot of functions :

1. My Location:
This function is used to determine your current location. To do this, you select the "My Location" on the menu of the program.


2. Map mode

offers a lot of the view to see the map : Map, Satellite, Traffic, Hydrid

3. Weather
This feature shows you the current weather information and weather forecasts for the next days.


4. Search
This feature allows search by keyword or select one of the locations suggested (as shop, pizza..).


5. Driving Direction:
This feature allows to find the shortest path between two points from A to B.


6. Share Location
You can see your friends's location or your relatives's location on the map


7. Search Warning

The search for warnings such as barrier (road works), terrorism.


I'd like to hear your ideals on this. Thanks in advanced.
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