Tetris clone with bombs and other extras - Testers wanted!

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Tetris clone with bombs and other extras - Testers wanted!

Postby The.French.DJ » Thu Feb 11, 2010 5:02 pm

Hi everybody!

I am in the process of porting my J2ME game engine and games to Android. Now I'm looking for additional testers. For now I only have a Samsung Galaxy for testing. I need testers with other devices to provide me with feedback about stability and usability of my ported game.

The game I'm working on is called JamJam or BlockShock or, now for Android, DroidShock. The commercial version is JamJam. It is available for J2ME phones through the "official channels".. :) BlockShock was the development title and I had a playable Java WebStart version of it online for some time on my http://www.intensicode.net site.

Here are a few screenshots:


DroidShock, the Android port of JamJam/BlockShock, is in an early testing stage right now. Everything is working more or less. Minor quirks here and there. But I need feedback about the game performance on devices other than the Samsung Galaxy.

Right now I've hit a few roadblocks with the rendering performance. Whether I'm using canvas graphics or EGL/OpenGL, the Galaxy won't render more than 30 FPS. The question is: Do other devices perform worse? Or is my rendering code acceptable for a first release?

Right now there is only a version for 320x480 screen size. Two release versions are available: Canvas graphics and OpenGL graphics. They are both attached to this post.

If you're interested in helping me out, please PM me. Really appreciated!

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