Testing my new game on different devices.

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Testing my new game on different devices.

Postby micke1977 » Sat Feb 05, 2011 2:34 pm

Hi. I am in process of making my first androidgame. I have finnished all intro, music etc and the first level of four. My problem is that I have only tested it on the eclipse emulator and Htc Legend phone but no other, I am a private person and not a company and only have my personal phone to test on.

It would be of great help to have it tested on as many different devices as possilbe, anyone with a different android phone are free to download and test my game and I would really appriciate the help. I am interested in everything from the oldest Android phone to the fastest, different screensizes, if the game is flickering on slow devices etc etc.

You can download the game from the instructions below, or by visiting http://micke1977.comule.com/index.html. Comments can be sent to this thread,
my mail: micke1977farsta@hotmail.se
or facebook http://sv-se.facebook.com/people/Nostal ... 1998506901

Thanks a lot./micke

To download game, open internet on your phone and go to adress: http://micke1977.comule.com/SpelSidVyFlytandeFlytt.apk
the download will start automatic.

Ps. Offcourse I charge no fee for the game but depending on your phoneoperator they might charge for the internettraffic, the filesize is 2 mb.
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