Test-users for jump and run game

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Test-users for jump and run game

Postby maxl » Thu Jan 20, 2011 9:57 am

Default Test-users for jump and run game
Hi there!

I am developing a jump and run game for android and I feel like it's ready to receive first feedback from users.
I am developing on a Samsung Galaxy S, but also tested it on several other emulated phones like the NexusOne and the TMobileG1, all worked fine so far.
The first three levels are playable and are - except for some polish - finished.
Please test them out and report anything you think shouldn't be the way it is. I am especially interested in frame-rates (in the top left corner) and if the game works on different screen-sizes. Of course, gameplay related comments are very much appreciated as well. :-) I attached the .apk and two screenshots so you can get a first glance of how it looks like.
You should be able to control the game with the on-screen buttons. As an alternative for users with a d-pad and a keyboard, you can use the d-pad for movement and the 'A'-key for shooting. Please tell me if at least one of these two options work for you. If not, please state why and how you would like to control the character instead.

Have fun and please tell me what you think! :-)
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