Sweepstakes Android App Giving Away Google TV

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Sweepstakes Android App Giving Away Google TV

Postby Dimfiniti » Wed Jan 05, 2011 8:08 pm

2pensmedia created an app called iFiftyFifty for the Android Market. Basically, this app is a sweepstakes/raffle app. You enter once in the month and are eligible to win the prize for that month. The download is 99 cents. Our first successful month was last month and we gave away a Verizon Samsung Galaxy Tab to a lucky winner. He loved the prized and was able to receive it by Christmas.

iFiftyFifty is a pure luck game based off a random drawing. iFiftyFifty will run from Jan. 1st - Jan. 31st. Entrants are allowed to enter one time for the month of January. Enjoy and Good Luck! iFiftyFifty is compatible with most of the Android devices.

I hope to hear any feedback. We hope to grow and eventually add the app to the iPhone market. Its in review at the moment.

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