[Free Game][2.2+] Super TTT Release! Chess<SuperTTT< Checker

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[Free Game][2.2+] Super TTT Release! Chess<SuperTTT< Checker

Postby QippArgent » Fri Aug 24, 2012 10:57 pm

Hey guys,

We at The Canny Group wanted to inform you of our work in progress to build a new mobile & web platform for turn-based strategy gaming. Performing similarly to the with Friends games, it has great social features like FB sync, remind options, chats, & community specific accounts/friends.

Our first game, http://superttt.com/, hit android in June and web launched in August. iOS coming soon!

Super TTT, is a more complex and competitive version of tic tac toe that leads to an enthralling strategy experience that lands somewhere between chess & checkers. There are 9 traditional tic-tac-toe boards that make up a larger tic-tac-toe game. The goal is to win 3 boards in a row (primary victory) or to win the most boards (alternative victory). Play is directed by the placement of your opponent's last move. If they marked a top-left space in any board, you must play in the top-left board. Directing a player to a completed board allows them to freely choose from any open board to place their move.
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