Spacefleet Sensor Free! (Trekkie/Trekker Audio Synth)

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Spacefleet Sensor Free! (Trekkie/Trekker Audio Synth)

Postby Rev0lucian » Tue Jul 06, 2010 8:14 pm

Spacefleet Sensor Free! (Trekkie/Trekker Audio Synth)

Spacefleet Sensor Free! Synthesizes sounds based on the location on the screen you touch, adjusting the frequency of a modified square wave. The app also includes a menu filled with canned audio of a robotic voice to tell you what exactly is wrong.

Scan your friends fusion core to see if it’s destabilized, simply touch the screen in various places while waving it in front of the object your scanning, and select a response from the menu!

You can download on android market:


Or check it out on the blog:


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