[APK][FREE]Space Browser 7" (Development edition)

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[APK][FREE]Space Browser 7" (Development edition)

Postby Neal Ceffrey » Sat Feb 09, 2013 8:22 pm

This is very simple and very useable browser for android tablets.(Development edition) In simulator it works on all tablets, what I was test!!!
Please don't be angry, if something does not work, so how do you like.
For big android tablets is one problem, browsers are impractical. If you want with right hand finger go back, you probably need stretch to the buttons located on the opposite corner.

In this browser I can operate with almost all buttons in one side.(In next edition I will include these buttons for left hand!)
And for this reason, it is the most practical browser, what ever made.

And it looks good. For others design is depressing grey, or boring white.
It has a bright orange color, with nice buttons.(In next edition I will include other colors and design details!)

It has almost all, what's need in browsers: java script, flash player enabled, bookmarks, history, zoom bottons etc..
It is pretty fast as well!!!
It has tilt scrolling with 3 angles, 3 speeds(you can change it in settings)(works only in lanscape mode).
You can shake device, if you want go back in webpage!
It has four available tabs, but because it is development edition, it works little bit wierd.
This is my first app, who I ever made, and I'm in learning process.
It's will works and looks good on tablets, who has more than 7'' and more than 480x800px.(if you try install on 5'' and 480x800px it will be useless, probably).
And it's designed for landscape mode!

If something not going well, please rate my app and write there, what exactly you not like.

It's 3 day trial version.

Some tips:
If google not open websites, please turn google from tablet to clasic mode!
If mobile youtube not playing video, turn youtube to desktop version!

Please find it in Play store!
https://play.google.com/store/apps/deta ... acebrowser
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