somewhatPOOL - Pool with more 'balls' :)

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somewhatPOOL - Pool with more 'balls' :)

Postby johnpeat » Wed Jun 22, 2011 2:36 pm

I've released a BETA of my 2nd AndEngine effort, somewhatPOOL, into the Market - any comments or feedback would be lovely!!! ... mewhatpool

It's not dissimilar to my last effort - Cosmic Crash - but I think using a traditional Pool table/balls might bring in a different sort of player...

Looking like Pool is pretty-much where it ends, there's no power/spin control and no need to wait for balls to stop moving - the multiplier ensures you are rewards for playing fast and the bonuses add score for flair and skill.

There's a basic video here

shot in the emulator, which seems to run better than it did when I developed my last game, either that or I'm learning to make things work better :)

Hope someone else gets some fun from it too!!
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