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Socialscape - Android Game

Postby chrisjohnson » Sun Mar 13, 2011 10:35 am

Hello, I am an android game developer, and I have just released my second game on the android market. It is called Socialscape

Here is the description for it:

Socialscape is a physics based action puzzle game. Throughout this game there will be puzzles to solve, like moving blocks around to get to an exit. You will have to train creatures called Critters to navigate though conveyor belts, saw blades, and other obstacles. As the game progresses the obstacles, and puzzles you have to get the critters through will gradually get harder.

ss-0-320-480-160-0-f92332502ff87519b97427f9b17ddb9ef0dd2e23.jpg (27.41 KiB) Viewed 298 times

Here is a link to it:

full version: ... rch_result

lite version: ... rch_result

If anyone tries it out could you please give me some feedback on what you like, and what I can improve upon,

Chris Johnson
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