[FREE][APP] Simple Voice Recorder

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[FREE][APP] Simple Voice Recorder

Postby whizslo » Sun Aug 25, 2013 4:08 pm


first of all, I am aware that there are hundreds of voice recording apps like this one out there and it is probably not in any way special. I started Android developing a few months ago and I'm making applications like this one purely to get experience and educate myself.

I made an app called "Simple Voice Recorder". I was aiming to make an app that has by far the most simple, user-friendly interface a voice recording app could have. No confusing interface with too many buttons or confusing graphics. Just a straight-forward app with a record button and a listview with all recorded files (and obviously seekbar + play/pause button).

I haven't yet tested it on many devices (different screen sized etc.) so I wouldn't be too surprised if it didn't work perfectly (or even crash) on some devices. I'd be very thankful if anyone that would try it would let me know if it worked good and which device + version of android you have

Also, I'd appreciate some advice on publishing my app, improving it from any other experienced programmer. Thank you!

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