Simple Home - A Home screen replacement based on simplicity

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Simple Home - A Home screen replacement based on simplicity

Postby Bryter layter » Thu Jul 22, 2010 2:27 pm

There's a lot of fancy home screen replacements out there. This one is primarily focusing on firstly being functional rather than having a lot of eye candy. Eye candy is nice, but saving battery should, in my opinion, have higher priority.

Highlights (v1.1):
- Frecency sorting - Apps are alphabetically sorted when starting the app for the first time. After launching apps, app list will be automatically sorted according to 1. How frequent and 2. How recent the app is used.
- Toggle sorting method
- Indicate which applications that are actively started
- long press menu (uninstall and close apps)
- Filter function to narrow down the app list
- List appearance - List or grid and select the number of grid columns
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