Server error when purchasing my own App

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Server error when purchasing my own App

Postby flohier » Thu Oct 29, 2009 1:36 am

Dear All,

I've just released an App called called "AmBu" in the market that uses build-in accelerometers to detect and report fall or crash. Looking at the automotive market in the US, this app represents a more portable/cost friendly version of OnStar. More at

The app comes in 2 versions; a 2-day free trial (AmBu-TRIAL) along an unlocked paid for version (AmBu). I welcome people to try this software and provide feedback ...

For the paid for version, I'm concerned that - when the purchase happens from the US - end-users might get a "server error" from the Market just after pressing the "Buy" button with a valid debit/credit card number. Google is indicating that developpers can't buy their own app but I also got this message using my wife's phone ... Could anyone confirm that the purchase process is working properly for this app (if possible - from the US, I had numerous users capable of purchasing the software from Europe) ?

Thanks for your help,

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