[App] Sensible Missed Call Reminder (SMR)

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[App] Sensible Missed Call Reminder (SMR)

Postby pranand » Mon Feb 18, 2013 3:01 pm

Sensible Missed Call Reminder(SMR) is a smarter missed call application that ensures that you never 'forget' to return that important call by gently reminding you (and it is only 96KB in size).

Key Features:
* Allows you to remove the missed calls are not important
* Automatically removes the numbers that you have contacted since the missed call
* Hence you have just a short list of missed calls that are important to you.

* Shows a list of the important calls that you need to call back
* Notifies periodically that you have missed calls that you are yet to respond to.
* You can return a call directly from the list
* Call an alternate number by directly opening the contact details

https://play.google.com/store/apps/deta ... om.swn.smr

Like an efficient assistant, it keeps a list of the calls that you have not yet spoken to and notifies you at pre-defined intervals as per your preference.

SMR maintains a list of the missed calls that you have received in the last 24 hours (this period is user configurable) and puts out a reminder every 30 minutes (again user configurable) in the form of a notification in the Status Bar. The notification can be accompanied by a sound or vibration (if enabled by you).

On selecting the notification, you can directly call back using the "Call" icon. You can also touch the contact details to go directly to the address book entry (if any) corresponding to the number displayed.

You can easily dismiss the ones that are not important using the "X" icon, so that you are only reminded of the important ones.

SMR is intelligent enough to remove the entry automatically if you interact on the same number subsequently.

SMR will not pester you, rather it is the gentlest of reminders that you have complete control over.

It is up to you to select that notification and act upon the list of missed calls. Even if you choose to ignore it, there is no action required from your side.

You can also go the application and see a complete list of missed calls and act on these if you wish.

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