Scharing - V2.5 - Testers needed

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Scharing - V2.5 - Testers needed

Postby wilby » Thu May 20, 2010 1:32 am

Hello everyone.

I am the author of Scharing a ringer mode scheduler application currently on the android market. I have implemented several new features in my spare time without releasing. I have had an issue for some time now and the only phone I have to test it on is my Droid running Android 2.1. I am starting to suspect it may be an issue with my Droid rather than the new release candidate for my app. I am looking for a couple people who have phones from other manufacturers running android >= 2.0 to install my new release candidate and help me find out if this is simply an issue with my phone.

The Issue:

You can add scheduled times of the day that your phone will change the ringer mode such as to vibrate at your regular work time and back to ring when you normally get off work. This schedule is serialized and save to disk. I also use sharedpreferences to save 1 option to disk. After 2-3 days of operation both the schedule and preferences file disappear. I have not caught it in the debugger or logcat because of the random occurrence.

What would help:

If you install the new apk and find an event that you notice triggers the loss of data or if you have a different phone and the bug is not manifesting and you could let me know in this forum that would be fantastic.

I don't want to release a possible buggy application so I'm not going to upload the apk. If your willing to help please let me know via this forum or email me [jacksw2 at gmail dot com] and I will get it to you.

I would really appreciate the help. Thank you all.
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