[FREE] Romantic Interactive Live Wallpapers

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[FREE] Romantic Interactive Live Wallpapers

Postby inexco » Fri Aug 17, 2012 6:05 am

Romantic Interactive Live Wallpapers

Lovely Live Wallpapers with falling objects on blissfully coloured backdrops. Get access to playful animation and 6 different backgrounds in full version.

Customize it with various options:
- Turn falling objects on/off; select colour, or use multiple colours!
- Set density, size and speed of the falling objects.
- Select individual animation effect, or turn on/off all animation!
- Select different background designs.

You can also interact with it:
- Tilt phone to send falling flowers in your direction or away.
- See what you get when you touch each falling flower or different parts of the screen!

Available in Google Play:


A Pair in Time - http://goo.gl/xmOSO

Cheer - http://goo.gl/sho3j

Red Shelter - http://goo.gl/XASXy

Resonance of Light - http://goo.gl/Tfv4x


The Swing - http://goo.gl/Gcn5c

As Flowers Fall - http://goo.gl/eXLp9

A Heart to Ponder - http://goo.gl/FdUj2

A Flower Cradle - http://goo.gl/ULnMe


Dreams Of Daffodils - http://goo.gl/9NhhL

Forever More - http://goo.gl/ia28N

Crescent Dream - http://goo.gl/RzY8E

Castlely Note - http://goo.gl/PvMd5


Have A Heart - http://goo.gl/IwLue

Ride Of Colours - http://goo.gl/oUhb3

Sakura Girl - http://goo.gl/2wXOJ

Together - http://goo.gl/1VJKC

Please also visit http://www.anddev.org/promote-your-android-application-f22/as-flowers-fall-live-wallpaper-t2164589.html.

Follow us on Image to get more lovely live wallpapers.
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