Require feedback and beta testers for our Geo-Messaging App

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Require feedback and beta testers for our Geo-Messaging App

Postby sgan » Tue Apr 26, 2011 12:20 am

Hello All,

We are looking for preliminary users and testers of our Geo-Messaging app, Prompt.Li.

You can find more details at, and request a copy of the APK there, or send an email to

Briefly, Prompt.Li lets you mark places that you frequently visit (examples are home, gym, stores, restaurants or any other favorite location), and allows you to leave and share messages at these locations. These messages can then be picked up by the intended recipients when they visit the location.

We do not use GPS other than while marking your location, and our focus has been to maintain a good battery life, without deteriorating customer experience. So, in many cases, we will work indoors, and our technology is quite accurate. As in you have to be within 50-100ft of the location at which you marked a message to be able to pick it up. In some places however, our service may not be available.

If you're interested in trying the app, do send a note to or visit our web site. It's only available on Android at the moment.

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