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Quick Navigator

Postby Artanis » Mon Mar 21, 2011 12:42 pm


Quick Navigator uses your GPS and allows you to store your favourites places with a name you choose. Then you can quickly navigate to the recorded location simply by choosing them from the list. Quick Navigator will launch Google Maps and instruct it to create a route from your current position to the selected location. In just a few seconds you'll be ready to go!

Do you often go to some place and each time you have to launch Google Maps, choose the location (maybe entering its address) and then wait for the route? Well, no more! Simply use Quick Navigator to store the current location in the list so you can reach it again very quickly from the list.

Quick Navigator can be used to quickly store a place (for example: where you have parked your car) in order to reach it quickly later on. It even can be used to quickly check the address of your current position: just open it and wait a couple of seconds!

# Quickly show your current place, address and GPS coordinates.
# Add up to 55 favourite places to your list, in order to quickly navigate to them.
# Instructs Google Maps to quickly calculate a route from your current position to the selected place.
# Assign a name to any of your favourite places.
# Quckly Edit or Remove any place you've stored.

Quick Navigator the quick way!


Using the application is very easy. You can save your current location using the Save button. You can later edit or remove a stored location using the Change or the Remove button and then selecting the desider location from the list. You can launch instruct Google Maps to calculate a route from your current position to a favourite location just by clicking the red car icon (GO!) and selecting where do you want to go. It's that easy!


I can't click any button!
This will only happen if your GPS is offline or if it can't get a signal. You'll notice that in the upper screen the Address field is "(waiting for GPS signal)". As soon as you turn on your GPS or as soon as it get a signal, that field will be filled and you'll be able to click on the buttons.

I have some other problem!
Please, send me an e-mailQuesto indirizzo e-mail è protetto dallo spam bot. Abilita Javascript per vederlo. if you have any trouble with the application. I'll help you as fast as I can.

Installing the Application

The app is only 0,70 € and you can install from the Android Market or scanning the following QR Code:

A Lite Version is also available (with max 1 place storeable) here:

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