Quick Addroid - templates for your calendar

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Quick Addroid - templates for your calendar

Postby astreim » Thu Apr 15, 2010 4:36 pm

Do you have recurring events, like meetings, sports etc., which are not scheduled regular? So you always have to manually enter "Meeting with team" or "Fitness-Studio" in the android calendar.

Or you use Quick Addroid.

It allows you to create templates like "Meeting with team", enter a time like 12p-14p and some more details like location and save it. Now you can add that meeting with one click - you are asked at what date you want to add your meeting and that's all.


Quick Addroid also offers a quickentry line, so you can just type "Meeting with John, tomorrow, 9-11" and hit enter. No more clicking.

In early versions, Quick Addroid needed an internet connection to communicate with the google calendar and asked for your google password. That changed since version 1.0. Now the internal calendar of your mobile is used, no need for internet connection and no need for a password any longer.

Give it a try - and send me an email with your feedback.
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