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Quick Addroid

Postby astreim » Sat May 02, 2009 3:06 pm

I am not a programmer, I am a journalist, and for my G1 I wished some improvements for the calendar:

- I don't like you can add only events to the main google calendar, not to my business and other side-calendars.
- I don't like you can't use templates like "late shift" or "early shift" for different dates and instead of just clicking the template and selecting the appropriate date, I always had to type the calendar entry again and again.
- I don't like clicking and typing in a form just to add an event, why not only type "Meeting with John, tomorrow, 3p-5p" and clicking "add event" and let the rest do the phone for you?

Because of that I wrote

Quick Addroid

which allows me to do this three things. Some settings you have to do are not very comfortable at the moment (like entering the google-id of your side-calendars), but at first it was a tool just for me and you have to set up it only once. But I guess I will improve that in the next weeks.

Please try Quick Addroid if you think it could be useful for you and send me any suggestions, ideas or error reports. The program is availabe at the Android Market.

If you want to learn more, just visit http://quickaddroid.streim.de
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