Pull info from Facebook and Linked to filter contacts etc.

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Pull info from Facebook and Linked to filter contacts etc.

Postby chousein » Sun Nov 28, 2010 8:55 pm

Hello Community,

Recently I published Geo-Filtered Assistant Pro, which is a useful application for people who travel a lot, and who have a long list of contacts dispersed on different cities, even countries. Geo-Filtered Assistant Pro pulls the location information of your Facebook and LinkedIn contacts and automatically merges it into your local contacts. It then uses this location information to filter your contacts on the phone, call-log and SMS messages based on your current location.

I implemented this application because of my personal need and hope that it will be useful for other people as well.

I also published a freeware version of this app, Geo-Filtered Assistant Basic, which supports filtering of the contacts, call-log and SMS messages, but does not pull the location information from Facebook and LinkedIn contacts. Geo-Filtered Assistant Basic can still be used if the location information of the contacts is specified manually.

Both Geo-Filtered Assistant Pro and Geo-Filtered Assistant Basic are distributed on Android Market, handster.com and pdassi.de.

I would be more than happy to hear your feedback,
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