PitchCake Launches - Use your voice to earn rewards.

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PitchCake Launches - Use your voice to earn rewards.

Postby DaneOfPitchCake » Thu Aug 16, 2012 8:58 pm

We are really excited to launch PitchCake today! The PitchCake app is a place where you use your voice to earn rewards by coming up with creative ideas for products and brands. There are all sorts of competitions, called Challenges, where you can compete to deliver the best pitch. The winner takes home a cash prize. Currently we have many Challenges with $25 - $500 up for grabs on everything from bacon sundaes to Super Bowl commercial ideas (yup, already).

We created PitchCake because we wanted a community where people could be rewarded for creative, awesome, fun ideas. By using voice, we lower the barrier to entry and make it an enjoyable process on mobile devices.

When you enter a pitch in a Challenge, it’s sent off for analysis. PitchCake’s subjective analysis engine, powered by Saygent, gives you feedback on how you sound and scores your pitch on a number of criteria such as your ability to convince and convey passion. If your score ranks highest, you win the cash prize.

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