[WIDGET] piBalance — widget for tracking your bill balance

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[WIDGET] piBalance — widget for tracking your bill balance

Postby pilgr » Tue Dec 14, 2010 8:55 am

piBalance — it is my small, easy and nice widget for tracking your bill balance. Also it can display the last change of your balance and daily change. Works only via SMS. Not USSD! (like *100#).

It is now supports about 5 mobile network operators "out of the box", with custom icons. But also can works with all operators, who supports balance request via sms.

For example, screen for my operator:

The widget uses only sms-way to request your actual bill balance. So, you just need to know this 3 parameters:
1. Number to send sms-request
2. The text of body request message
3. The number to listen for sms with response

I collect this parameters for all mobile network operators worldwide. Could you check it if you have the sim-card of operators from this list? Also you can say me about other operators, if you want.

United Kingdom
- text 'BA' to 150
O2 users on PAYG (and possibly contract)
- text 'Balance' to 20202
Vodafone UK
- text 'Balance' to 2345

- text 'balenq' to 1627
- text '<NRIC>,giro' to 2455
e.g. S1234567A,giro,12345678

Smart Communications
- text 'bal' to 211

- text 'balance' to 9999

You can verify this parameters manually, by sending sms request. Also you can input this parameters in settings of piBalance and enjoy the actual balance on home screen. In future, I will add the verified parameters to app with custom nice icons :)
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