Pet Master free - track your pet's health!

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Pet Master free - track your pet's health!

Postby gfapps » Mon Jan 17, 2011 10:49 pm

Hi anddev community,

I would like to introduce you to "Pet Master" which my team has developed and recently launched. Pet Master is the ultimate organizer to keep track of your pets’ health and details.

Pet Master makes tracking your pets health needs easy and fun.

Here are some of the features of Pet Master that will help you keep your pet healthy and happy:

- Personal Details
Record their names, birthday, registration, microchip, type/breed and so on.
There are no limits to the number of pets you may add.

- Medications Tracking
Just enter the name, dosage and the start and end dates and you can quickly see what types of medications your pets are on.

- Appointment management:
Add medical (Vet visits, vaccinations, surgeries, flea control etc.) and regular appointments (grooming, training, sitter, walker etc.)

- Allergies
If your pet is allergic to certain things, you can store the name, severity, and notes about the allergy so that you know exactly what to tell vets if they ask about allergies.

- Contacts management
Keep a one stop list of all the contact info for Vets, Groomers, Walkers, Sitters and Trainers. Associate them to the appointments

- Identification Tracking
Document the registration, tag and the microchip number number of each pet.

- Backup/Restore
All the data is saved on your SD Card for your convenience and makes backups easy!

here is the link for search in Android market:
Keywords: GF Pet Master

I would love to hear your feedback on how we can improve the app.

Thank you.
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