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[APP] Percent Calculator

Postby pmd5700 » Thu Dec 30, 2010 10:14 pm

Have you ever needed to calculate how much your item will cost after sales tax? Have you ever need to know how much your item will cost after a certain percent discount. Have you ever needed to know how much to tip at a restaurant?

This simple app will answer all those questsions for you, and more! It gives you the option to enter an inital ammount and the percentage applied to it. It then lets you chose whether you want to subtract that amount or add that amount. The result is your new total and the amount added or removed.

Please check this app out and leave me some feedback (good or bad). I'm new to writing apps and would like to get some feedback in order to fine tune my apps.

I will be adding more functionality soon. I'm planning to add an option for a second percentage (find the price of a discounted item then adding sales tax, etc.)

DISCLAIMER: This application is for entertainment purposes ONLY. I will not be responsible if this calculator causes you to miscalculate something and cause problems. You're on your own!


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