Pee Pee Boy: Famous iPad, iPhone game at Android (free)

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Pee Pee Boy: Famous iPad, iPhone game at Android (free)

Postby SoftCore » Thu Aug 30, 2012 10:35 am

The Very famous Pee Pee Boy game of iPad and ipod is now at your Android devices for FREE!! Powerful Peeing Boy game is here for you and you just can’t resist it..!!

The gameplay is very simple,all you have to do is to help the young cute boy cleanly pee, without getting him pinched while peeing. So, you must be thinking : Pinched by what? The falling toilet seat.

All you have to do is to touch the boy and hold your touch until the seat falls to avoid the pinch. But, if you leave the touch on the boy too early, the boy pees all over himself and you will lose the game.



Some of the features of the game are :
1. A very simple and classic yet addicting user interface.
2. Keep track of all the top 3 winners.
3. Engaging HD graphics, animations and great voice-overs.

So, what are you waiting for ,get this app from this link: ... rch_result

Enjoy Android apps!! :) :)
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