[FREE][GAME] Pathway Defenders

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[FREE][GAME] Pathway Defenders

Postby yaro » Mon Sep 02, 2013 12:33 pm

Pathway Defenders is a classic tower defense game with simple but cool graphics and intuitive gameplay.
Just as the game title "Pathway Defenders" suggests, the objective in this game is to defend the path.
Monsters will enter onto the path at one end, attempting to escape at the other.
The goal is to build towers which will kill the monsters before they reach the end of the path and escape.
The game/level will be lost if the number of monsters escaping exceeds the number of lives allocated.

3 unique towers, each with 2 upgrades
7 unique monsters, but more to come in later releases
2 levels, but more to come in later releases
2 different types of terrain, but more to come in later releases
3 star based level achievement system, just like in Angry Birds

If you like TD games, you will have a great time playing Pathway Defenders.

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