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Outsource Your Android Development To US

Postby starlipse » Mon Dec 07, 2009 10:31 am

Hi, guys, now Android is more and more popular, it is time to move your iPhone apps to Android platform. if you are interested in this, please contact us, thanks!

We are professional Android application development outsourcing company, and have successfully developed programs for some companies. We have more than one decade's experience in the field of Java development and the relating technologies, as an important business partner to Android, we always provide a high class application development services for the Android platform. With our experience of developing applications in the mobile domain for a global clientele,we have confidence that we could help you to either port your existing application, or develop a brand-new one from scratch.

Also, we can develop your programs by Agile method, which may bring you lower risk, also, under which your requirements could be changed at any time.

Also, we can protect your IP, all rights belong to you. and never copy the 3rd party design.

Look forward to your reply and it’s our great pleasure to have any opportunity to cooperate with you!

Visit our site: http://www.starlipse.com
Email to us: info@starlipse.com
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Pls visit http://www.starlipse.com
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