OruxMaps; online/offline map viewer.

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OruxMaps; online/offline map viewer.

Postby orux » Sat Sep 19, 2009 3:03 pm

OruxMaps is a FREE appliaction for Android.
Current version 1.2.0.
Locales: es, en, de.
Visit: OruxMaps web page

OruxMaps is a map viewer. It can work in two modes: online with google maps, and offline, with calibrated maps for OruxMaps


If you want to work offline, you need to calibrate your own maps. It is neccesary:

* OruxMapsDesktop + image (the map) + coordinates of the four corners
* OruxMapsDesktop + a calibrated map for OziExplorer. There are a lot of applications that allow you to create Ozi maps.

With OruxMaps you can:

* Online map viewer (Google Maps)
* Offline map viewer. There is an application that lets you create calibrated maps for OruxMaps (see Download and Manual page).
* Map autoload, when leaving current map, or when a more detailed map is found in current position.
* TrackLog: Record your tracks (gpx format, NEW: kml format)
* View old tracks/routes (gpx format)
* Analize tracks/routes
* Zoom
* Save Waypoints
* Show coordinates, header, speed, altitude, ...
* And this is only the beginning!


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