[FREE] OpenNews Reader: RSS-based app, easy access to Google

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[FREE] OpenNews Reader: RSS-based app, easy access to Google

Postby sinchimind2013 » Sun Oct 27, 2013 7:54 pm


OpenNews Reader is your gateway to Google News!
This is an application based on RSS feeds, allowing you to easily access Google News. This includes the versions from 8 countries:

- UK
- China/中国版
- France
- Germany/Deutschland
- Italy/Italia
- Serbia/Србија
- Peru

OpenNews Reader is a concise, user-friendly, functional app which gives you the choice of 4 categories of news: Top Stories, Business, Sports, and Science/ Technology.
It automatically saves the last country you access. This application also comes with a Share widget.
* Ad-free app!

**This project is open to modifications and improvements** Any feedback or questions are welcome.
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