[APP][FREE][2.2+] nQuire Sensor Toolkit

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[APP][FREE][2.2+] nQuire Sensor Toolkit

Postby evilfer » Thu Nov 14, 2013 4:37 pm

Hi all,

We've just published nQuire Sensor Toolkit.

Similar to other sensor apps, you can see the list of available sensors in your device, plus view and plot the current value for each of them.

In addition, with this app you can create "Data logging profiles". Each profile indicates the sensors from which data will be logged, as well as the sample rate for each sensor. Examples of profiles:

- To evaluate whether I drive smoothly: Accelerometer sensor (10 samples/second), + Compass (1 sample per second).
- To check house heating setup: Ambient temperature (1 sample/min) + Humidity (1 sample/min).
- Whatever you can think of :).

Once you start logging data for one profile, readings from the sensors will be stored in a database in your device. Then you can export data in CSV format, and share the files to process them with external software, such as spreadsheet programs.


In future versions, users will be able to share their "Data sharing profiles", to have shared projects that require data from multiple users. Also we are working to include more features as additional sensors, such as velocity from GPS.

If you decide to give it a try, we'd be very grateful for any feedback!

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