NFX Oscilloscope

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NFX Oscilloscope

Postby nfxDevelopment » Tue Sep 21, 2010 10:33 pm

Hi everyone,

Just stumbled across this board and would like to tell you about my app.

Either search Oscilloscope in the market where is just 99p or link through

Oscilloscope Pro is useful tool for engineers/audio engineers wanting to monitor audio signals in the surrounding area.

Having this application on the android platform is useful, as most android devices are mobile and will be a common devices on a person.

The application has three different modes which are accessed by pressing the devices menu button. These modes are:

Auto : This continuously displays the input, but will also trigger on signals which exceed the trigger threshold.
Trigger : This is designed to monitor continuous signals, for example a sinusoid.
Impulse : The impulse mode has a extended time range in comparison to the trigger mode, there is a also flag which can be set to only trigger once and stop monitoring. In this mode it is possible to drag the time line along and view data after the trigger point.

The simple UI allows fast manipulation of the time per division (Bottom), amplification(Right) and trigger threshold(left). The sliders are dragged in and out with the finger and sliders are dragged up or down. These can slide away to maximise screen space.

From the menu it is possible to move to a settings page where the trigger detection(falling/rising/both edge), sample rate and single trigger flag (Impulse setting) can be manipulated.

Thats the full run down of the application. See the images below for examples of the UI.

Thanks for reading.
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