News Reader App similar to PULSE News

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News Reader App similar to PULSE News

Postby Allan Grant » Thu Aug 02, 2012 1:04 pm

NewsAce is a Multimedia News Reader that allows you to subscribe to and check up on all kinds of news formats including video, podcast, radio, and even Twitter, all in one place.

NewsAce - Multimedia News Reader (RSS) "Free Version"

• Beautiful Newsstand UI: Beautiful and intuitive newsstand UI makes it easy for you to select news channels.
• One stop news reader: You can check all types of news feeds in one place, NewsAce.
o RSS News: All your news content displayed in one place
o Video News: Directly play videos embedded in your news page
o Podcast News: Radio and podcasts can be played within NewsAce
o Twitter News: In addition to the tweet’s text, NewsAce also shows associated link content whether it is video, photo or a website.
• News feed recommendation : 400+ renowned News channels are categorized and provided in the recommended section.
• News feed search : Any news can be searched and subscribed to in NewsAce (powered by Google reader)
• Gestures based Navigation: By swiping left or right, you can easily switch from NewsAce’s recommended news to your Google Reader selections and vice versa.
• Integration with Google Reader: Customize your news selection by dragging and dropping your RSS feeds from the console
• Additional Features: View it later(offline sync), Share, Starred features
400+ recommended news channels including CNN, Movieclips(movie trailer), The NewYork Times, ESPN, engardget, boingboing, The big picture, 5min, BestRadioPodcast, College Humor, and Twitter Youtube.

Google Play:
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