New Mole hunt game "Whac Whac"

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New Mole hunt game "Whac Whac"

Postby cgpjo » Wed Dec 08, 2010 2:11 am

Hi everyone! We have launched new application for android!
It’s called “Whac whac”. As you see, this is like so-called ”mole hunt game”
But, it’s something different than other usual “mole hunt game”
You can put any pictures you have in your phone as image file like other animal or face of someone else instead of moles so that you can have more fun. You can either take pictures then put them in right away.

* Available on Android market in two version (0.99$, Free with AD)

<Main features>
- Setting up any picture instead of Mole icon(only in arcade mode)
- Two different mode(Stage, Arcade mode)
- Competition with people around the world(Ranking)
- Not only just hunting moles but with a lot of item.

Image Image
Let’s give it a shot to unlock all the stages!
It might not be so easy.
But, Playing with considering about attack point will lead you to next stage.

Image when you have attack point in yellow, it qualifies the condition to move on to next stage! Hang in there!
Image when you have attack point in red, it’s not enough attack point to move on to next stage! Come on, simply, get more moles!

Image Image
Let’s dive into competition around the world with this mode.
This arcade mode won’t stop until it run out of your time or hit point.
So, why don’t you give it a shot to get higher score!

And you can also put any pictures you like instead of those moles.
Check this out!


<Targets and Items>
Image Image Moles : you need to get them to get socre and attack point.
Image Bombs : Don’t touch this, or you will lose your attack point and Hit point.
Image Quiz : There comes sometimes pop-quiz that needs your arithmethic operation.By solving quiz, you will get plus-point on time and hit point and the one of rest item then effect on the game.
Image Drug :As soon as you get this, it will make you consider bombs as moles, and it actually effect as it is! It will change the background day into night. And this will effect as long as it’s the night.
Image Clock: It gives you more time.
Image Dynamite : As soon as you touch this, it explode to make you get all the moles you are seeing at the moment.
Image First-aid kit : It restore your hit point.
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