New App: Selfpics

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New App: Selfpics

Postby volk23 » Sun Dec 12, 2010 7:19 pm

People have always asked themselves if they how do they look to other people. A lot of times you catch yourself starring in the mirror trying to decide if you look good or not. Every time you ask your “other half”, you could be lied to, because he or she does not want to hurt your feelings. But someone who does not know you at all will be completely honest and will give you the true answer. This answer might be something you won’t like but at least you will know the truth and if desired can do something about it to improve your looks.
This is where a new application Selfpics comes in. Selfpics is not an original idea, similar applications already exist on the web. But Selfpics is an application strictly to use on a android phone, where you can take a picture of yourself send it through the application to the server and fairly quickly get an opinion from other user of yourself. You can also change the photo next time you are going out and want to get another opinion from your helpful Selfpics friends if your current look is good enough for you to go out?
The application is fairly new and only has about 500 user, but its quickly growing and the more users are out there the faster and better rating you will be able to get of yourself and you won’t need to ask your man or a woman if you looking good or not. iPhone version that will connect to the same content is already in the development.
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