New Android Retro-Game

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New Android Retro-Game

Postby boOp » Sun Apr 24, 2011 2:11 pm


Hi all,

With a friend, we developped a little retro-game for Android Smartphone, using AndDev Framework.

You are "BoOp", a Droid which mission is to give back Lucky Stone and Happiness to the all Mankind, by finding nine Treasures ! But be careful, a lot of surprises is waiting for you to avoid you winning !

Options :
- 3 Game Mod : Virtual Pad, Touch Screen, Keyboard.
- 4 Difficulties Level : Easy, Medium, Hard, Hell.
- 6 Languages : English, Chinese, Hindi, Spanish, Portuguese,French.
- Current Game saving possible.
- High Score Subscribing
- User Guide
- ON/OFF Sound

Compatible with Android 2.0 and higher.

Enjoy :)

Feel free to Download : Android Market,
Amazon, Motorola SHOP4APPS, PocketLand, Handster Market

BoOp Team

Support :
Facebook : boOpGame Facebook
Twitter : boOpGame Twitter
YouTube : boOpGame YouTube



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