Need feedback! My first App in the Android Market

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Need feedback! My first App in the Android Market

Postby mantrax » Thu Apr 28, 2011 11:48 pm

Hi everyone

I'm quite happy as yesterday I did the release of my first android application on the market. I've done all the testing I could (I only have the emulator, and my Samsung Captivate) and so far everything works fine, but with the fragmentation of all the android devices, who knows if it's going to work fine with all.

Anyway, the app is: Shake Sound!

App description:

Shake Sound!
Discover what happens when you shake your phone, mock your friends and family.
Several sounds to play with and more to come in the next releases.
-Max out your smartphone volume
-Shake your phone
-To stop the sound just touch the screen
-To select other sounds, just press the phone physical settings button

App Link:

I will really appreciate all the feedback you can give me, its a simple but fun application, and if it's possible rate it too :)

Thanks in advance to all the community
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