Need a Canadian to Test My App Please! (Weather Checker)

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Need a Canadian to Test My App Please! (Weather Checker)

Postby Adamah » Fri Oct 29, 2010 4:32 am

Hey Everyone. I put my first app on the Android market 2 days ago and so far am pleased with how it's going. It's called "Weather Checker", and is a small app that checks the weather before the user wakes up and leaves a notification to bring an umbrella if there's supposed to be rain. It also checks for unusually high/low temperature.

One of my users reviewed negatively and said there's no data for Canada. I tested this using a mock location and Canadian locations seemed to work fine, except for the lack of temperature alerts which is mentioned in the settings.

Can any Canadians around here please try downloading my app and letting me know if it works for you? The forecast should pop up within a few seconds. Again, the app is "Weather Checker".

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