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Postby bcswartz » Tue Aug 31, 2010 1:28 am

Published my MyReminders app over the weekend. It's a to-do list/reminders app that comes with three different home screen widgets for cycling through your reminders (unlike other to-do list apps, you're not limited to only seeing a subset of your items in the on-screen widget). Tapping on the reminder text area of the widget opens the app to a list view of your reminders, and two of the widgets come with buttons that take you right to the add/edit activity to add a reminder to the top or bottom of your list.

The app gives you the option of dictating your reminder instead of typing it using Google's speech transcription service. You can also schedule an alarm (both date and time) for each reminder, at which point the text of the reminder appears in the notification shade. Completed reminders can either be deleted immediately, kept for a certain number of days, or kept indefinitely.

Screenshots and additional details can be found at

It's a paid app ($1), but (per the rules of the Market) you won't be charged if you uninstall it within 24 hours of downloading it.

There's an earlier/simpler version in the Market (one widget, no alarms) called NoteToSelf that's free to download if you're really opposed to buying and returning the paid version, but it is a lesser version of the app.
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