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Postby DerHeld » Sat Oct 16, 2010 6:21 pm


I am currently developing my first Android Apllication,
a simple chat client-server application.

But well testing a Chat Client alone is a bit useless.
I also can test it at only one real Device (SGS i9000)
where it works so far.

But it would be nice if some guys of you will test it also on there
device and post everythings that come to their mind.


This is a alpha that may (and propably WILL) have some error, not supported functions etc
(That's why it is here). It's not meant to be stable and may crash eventually. It doesn't change anything to your phone.

Well, what I would like to see:

+ Suggestions on functions
+ Bug reports (As precise as possible, and since this is a developement board maybe suggestions how to fix)
+ General Statements
+ Informations about typo errors.
+ Maybe some1 who can make some nice icons/(Sounds) that appear in the app (Avatar pics) and give credit
in the upcoming Credits dialog (That isn't implemented now ;-))

and what I DO NOT want to see:

- Saying me that the server is slow (it's currently hosted at my local maschine that may or may not be up,
if it's down just send me a message, I will do my best to bring it up again)
- No flame or useless critics
- Register your Username may or may not come, the same for user profiles
- DON'T BE EVIL TO MY SERVER(!) it's a small notebook that doesn't stand attacks....

Here is the RS Link:
Thank you in advance,
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