MofuMobi-Business Productivity App

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MofuMobi-Business Productivity App

Postby Emily_sbi » Wed Feb 09, 2011 7:12 pm

The app.
MofuMobi, meaning 'morph mobile,' is a new kind of productivity app that puts you in the driver seat. MofuMobi allows you to combine info from virtually any source
*CRM software
*ERP systems
*Inventory and accounting databases
*RSS feeds
Transforming the collective data into custom reports and applications, called mApps. A basic knowledge of SQL or Access statements and queries is all you need to get started as an mApp Creator.

The mApp Creators.
Anyone who would like to write mApps should sign up for a MofuMobi account at - it's quick and free. Simply check off the option for mApp creator and follow the rest of the directions. Once you are signed into your account, go to the Manager Portal link; this is the web interface that allows you to manage all of your mApps.
From the Manager Portal you can add, edit and delete mApps. The mApps point to an Active Server Page on the web that drives what it does. Once you have your ASP page, simply copy the URL into the Manager Portal, give the mApp a name, assign it to a category and link an icon to it.

The mApps.
mApps can be public or private. Public mApps are available to anyone with a MofuMobi account. Private mApps are available by invitation only. Once you invite a user to view your mApps and they accept, then you can assign mApps individually or by category.
MofuMobi is secured over HTTPS and all info is encrypted with an SSL certificate. MofuMobi will never store any of your data; all data is stored with you.

mApp's are completely dynamic!
What they do is completely determined by you, the creator, and only limited by your imagination.

Check out the MofuMobi webpage at:

Below are some screenshots for a case study created for a company needing reports for their
*CEO level
*Regional Manager level
*Sales Reps Level

Drill into line item to view more in depth information-all based on what YOU create
See specific information for one particular store
Mapping- Find store/customer locations, get directions or see a viewing of all the stores in your region- Great for sales reps or vendors!
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